WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Just how Cinderella is Florida Gulf Coast at this point in the NCAA tournament?

Everyone seems to be caught up in the flashy passing, the unmerciful dunks and relentless trash-talking of the boys from Dunk City – aka Fort Myers, Fla. – where the dormitories actually line the Gulf of Mexico.

Sherwood Brown, Chase Fieler and Brett Comer have become overnight stars.

You’ve heard all the stats and historical analogies by now.

Florida Gulf Coast:

  • This year’s George Mason.
  • The first fifteen-seed to make the Sweet 16.
  • The first fifteen-seed to be coached by a guy married to a Victoria’s Secret model.

What they’ve done so far is more than impressive. Above all else, they play an exciting brand of basketball that looks as much fun for the players as it does the Eagles fans.

And of course, they’ve captured the spotlight as this year’s media darling; the Cinderella story of March Madness 2013. But are they the biggest story in this tournament?

“If you want to watch basketball with a fluke, and a bunch of trash-talking Dunk City guys that came out of nowhere that are talking trash to everybody, celebrating on the court, talking trash to LeBron James, give me a break,” 106.7 The Fan’s Holden Kushner said.

“So I want to try to understand your argument,” Danny jumped in.

“You beat Georgetown who chokes every year and you beat San Diego State,” Holden returned. “Go beat Florida and then we’ll talk.”

So your argument is because it’s not the most marquee matchup of the week, which is Duke-Michigan State, I think we’d all kind of agree to that, therefore it’s not worth while?” Danny asked.

“No, I’m just telling you CBS looks at it that way too; that we’re burying this behind Duke and Michigan State. That’s how they look at this game. So stop it with all the attention and the love for Florida Gulf Coast University,” Holden bemoaned.

So there are two big games this week, being broadcast within twenty minutes of each other during Prime Time Friday night viewing hours.

(3) Michigan St. vs. (2) Duke – Friday @9:45 p.m. on CBS

(15) FGCU vs. (3) Florida – Friday @9:57 p.m. on TBS

Which would you rather watch?

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