Gallup: 65 Percent Of Americans Support Drone Strikes On Suspected Terrorists

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A new Gallup Politics poll indicates that approximately 65 percent of Americans are in favor of government use of drones in attacks on suspected terrorists in other countries.

The results of the poll, released Monday on Gallup’s website, also indicate that 41 percent of people in the United States are comfortable with the use of drones in attacking American citizens suspected of being terrorists.

“Americans are, however much less likely to say the U.S. should use drones … to launch airstrikes in the U.S. against suspected terrorists living here [25 percent of participants supported that notion],” the release noted. “[A]nd to [even fewer supported] launch[ing] airstrikes in the U.S. against U.S. citizens living here who are suspected terrorists – [just 13 percent were in favor].”

Researchers conducting the study also learned that Republicans were more likely to support drone use than Democrats, though not by much.

“While a majority in each party says the U.S. government should use drones to launch airstrikes in other countries against suspected terrorists, Republicans [79 percent] are significantly more likely to say so than are Democrats [55 percent] and independents [61 percent],” the release stated.

Additionally, people of all political ideologies reportedly became less supportive of drone use as the hypothetical attack scenarios mentioned grew closer to home.

Gallup researchers noted, “Although Republicans are modestly more likely than Democrats or independents to say the U.S. government should use drones in the U.S. against suspected terrorists living here or in the U.S. against U.S. citizens, support is low among all groups.”

Despite the vast majority of participants voicing an opinions regarding drone use in different scenarios, only a reported half of those asked said they followed drone news closely. Those who did keep up with drone coverage were said to be more likely to support their use in various scenarios.

The study was conducted earlier this month, and involved polling a random sampling of 1,020 adult Americans residing throughout the United States.


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