WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A decade after sending troops into Iraq, former President George W. Bush is getting some credit from the Obama Administration.

On the 10th anniversary of Bush calling on troops to head to Iraq for what was to be the beginning of the Iraq War, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney conceded to a Fox News reporter on Tuesday that “credit is due” for Bush’s decision, which eventually led to Saddam Hussein being overthrown.

Engaging with Fox News reporter James Rosen during his daily address, Carney suggested that Iraq has the chance for a brighter future today because of the civilian and military personnel who served in Iraq.

According to Mediaite, Rosen said to Carney: “It sounds to me, listening to you, what you call the quote-unquote ‘welcome development of Saddam Hussein being gone,’ you are unwilling to accord President Bush even a single iota of credit for that development.”

“I’m happy to do that, James,” Carney said. “But there is no question that Saddam Hussein was removed from power thanks to the military efforts of the U.S. armed forces and they were sent to Iraq by President Bush, so obviously there is a causal relationship and to the extent that credit is due, credit is due to him for that.”

Carney said that the credit given to Bush’s decision should not cloud the assessments made by Bush and other officials of his administration for their judgment to go to war in Iraq.


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