LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC)– Work-life balance is such a sought-after concept in today’s society that it has its own Wikipedia page.

In Roll Call editor Rebecca Gale’s first novel, “Trying,” she explores that concept using some anecdotes from her own time as a Capitol Hill staffer.

“I am trying to give, in this particular book, a snapshot of life in Washington with sort of a positive ending to it,” Gale tells WNEW’S Judlyne Lilly. “While still showing there are some consequences and dark sides to what happens in Washington, D.C. in terms of people being so invested in their work, they let everything else go.”

GR TRYING book cover

The novel is about a young, idealistic couple that moves to Washington, D.C., both wanting to make a difference. The man in the relationship gets caught up in his job with some “dangerous consequences,” Gale says. “It’s got a bit of a paranormal and sci-fi twist but readers looking for a book about young urbanites in a big city won’t be disappointed.”

Themes of romance and growing up are also present.

While Gale won’t be quitting her day job as a contributing editor at the Capitol Hill newspaper, she says “Trying” won’t be her last try at fiction, either.

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