WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The sticky civil suit revolving around an alleged thrown drink in a nightclub dispute between Fred Davis, formerly of the Washington Redskins, and self-proclaimed “celebrity broker” Makini R. Chaka, has completely unfolded before D.C. media.

Once details of the courtroom proceedings spread, it became obvious that, unsurprisingly, the woman bringing a case against one of D.C.’s beloved athletes was being painted as the villain.

By the time it became known a bodyguard for Davis had testified that Chaka is more of a “madam/pimpette who provides escorts to high-profile athletes and entertainers” than anything else, the battle for public perception was completely lost by the plaintiff.

Catch up on the more intimate details of that case here.

For now, focus on this radio appearance by Chaka’s lawyer, Patrice A. Sulton, in which she fought to clear her client’s name with 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny Tuesday.

The interview kicked off with Sulton being asked to clarify what her client actually does for a living.

“She is a talent broker,” Sulton explained. “Basically, she negotiates and secures celebrity appearances at local nightclubs and events. And I’m glad you brought that up because I do think it is an interesting point that’s been coming up throughout the trial, especially in the media. I think it’s an example of how the defense witnesses in this case have really tried to turn this and make it about my client instead of about Fred Davis’ actions on that night.”

The interview became contentious very soon after, with Sulton blaming the media, even Holden and Danny specifically, for spinning this story to negatively depict her client. At one point she accused them of “one-sided reporting” and there may have been a few “with all due respects” dropped.

Everyone loves a good radio fight.

Listen below…


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