WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — A new North Korean propaganda video shows images of an imaginary missile attack on U.S. government buildings in Washington, including the White House and the Capitol building.

The nearly 4-minute video was posted on the YouTube channel of the North Korean government website Uriminzokkiri on Monday. The video shows a montage of clips depicting different weapons, including firing military guns and large missiles at military parades. Just before the three-minute mark of the video, footage is shown of the White House in crosshairs, and an explosion of the dome of the Capitol.

“The White House is caught in the panoramic sight of a (North Korean) long-range missile. This hotbed of war is in the scope of a nuclear bomb blow,” a caption on the video says, according to a translation by the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

On Friday the Obama administration announced it is beefing up its missile defense program against North Korea. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said the new defense is being put in place so as to “not take any chances.”

The video also comes as North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has vowed to cancel a ceasefire with South Korea that’s held since 1953 amid the UN condemning its nuclear hostility.

A video showing an American city that looked like New York engulfed in flames after a missile attack was posted on the same website last month.


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