WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A recent Gallup poll suggests that as many as 53 percent of all Americans feel the war in Iraq was a mistake.

The poll, conducted on the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the conflict, additionally learned that even more people thought the war to be a mistake in 2010 – as many as 55 percent of people in the United States, to be exact.

Skepticism regarding the invasion of Iraq reached its highest point in 2008, several months before President Barack Obama’s first election win. At that time, a reported 63 percent of the American populace viewed the decision to go to war in a negative light, according to an official release of the study’s findings.

“Americans initially supported the war, with substantial majorities in 2003 saying the U.S. decision to get involved in Iraq was not a mistake,” the release additionally noted. “However, attitudes changed relatively quickly, and by the summer of 2004, a majority of Americans called the war a mistake.”

During the same survey, researchers learned that a majority of people in the United States also expressed disapproval regarding the war in Vietnam – though negative reviews of that conflict were also down from past numbers on the matter.

“The … survey finds 57 percent of Americans saying the Vietnam War – which resulted in the most U.S. casualties of the three recent wars – was a mistake, but that is down from 69 percent in November 2000,” the release stated.

Not everyone condemned the decision made by the administration of former President George W. Bush to invade Iraq, however – of participants who identified as Republican or as leaning conservative, a reported 66 percent approved of the war.

Results for the survey were collected during telephone calls conducted with 1,022 adults throughout the United States earlier this month.


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