WASHINGTON D.C. (CBSDC) – A new study finds that men who prefer busty women tend to be more sexist than others.

CBS News reports that researchers asked 361 white British men to look at 3-D renderings of a woman. They were shown 5five different images with the only difference between the images being breast size.

Most of the men picked the medium-busted woman as the most appealing at a 32.7 percent clip. Twenty-four percent of the men chose large and 19 percent picked very large.

The participants were then asked to complete an assessment of their attitude about women. The aspects they looked at were: attitudes toward women, hostility toward women, and benevolent sexism.

The researchers concluded that “men who more strongly endorsed benevolently sexist attitudes towards women, who more strongly objectified women, and who were more hostile toward women idealized a large female breast size.”

The study was published in the February edition of Archives of Sexual Behavior.

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