It’s no secret the Washington Redskins have had to try to get more with less this offseason, as they’ve had to watch key pieces to their puzzle walk, in guys like Lorenzo Alexander and DeAngelo Hall.

It’s also no secret the reason they’re struggling to fill the holes on their roster – Right Tackle, Safety, Corner, Corner – is directly correlative with the second portion of the $36 million salary cap crunch imposed on them by the NFL.

Considering all the circumstances – Robert Griffin III recovering from major knee surgery, the sub-standard players they may have to fill roster spots with – is it fair to think Washington will take a step back in the 2013 NFL season?

Or will their franchise quarterback rise from the ashes – as he did so many times last season (injured and healthy) – to help the Redskins overcome the obstacles and take them to the next level?

Holden: Ultimately Robert Griffin III is good enough to help this offense cover up the issues that they have on defense.

Danny: You’re assuming the 100% healthy Robert Griffin III, which I’m not ready to assume. You’re assuming a guy that’s coming back from a second catastrophic knee injury, has his entire knee restructured. You’re assuming that’s the same guy as we saw for the first 13, 14 weeks of the season. I’m not ready to make that assumption yet. Yes, he’s a miracle. He’s the best player the Redskins have ever had. They got worse though in my mind with this cap penalty. They’re still without a starting caliber Right Tackle. It looks like my boy Tyler Polumbus is going to be out-of-town and they’ve got a rotating cast of guys that also play Tackle or that played Tackle at one point at Right Tackle.

Holden: Tyler Polumbus is going to break your heart. And it does hurt the character.

Danny: But that’s a huge issue. That’s the dominant side where you’re going to roll out. You need a good Right Tackle and this club has kind of shirked that for a number of years. They tried to solve it with Jamal Brown. They bought that lottery ticket a couple different times and it didn’t work out.

Holden: Danny, look at what he did with what he had last year.

Danny: It’s not the same guy. You’re talking about a guy that’s coming off major knee surgery.

Holden: People say it’s unfair to compare Adrian Peterson and Robert Griffin III. I’m going to assume that there really is something to this stem cell treatment that he had, that they took stem cells out of his own body and put it back in his knee, and all of a sudden Pederson got back quickly.

Holden: [RGIII] says he’s doing well; he should be ready for the start of the season. Shanahan’s talking to the trainers; they’re telling him that he should be ready, that he’s farther ahead physically than where they expected him to be.  I’m going under the assumption that 80 percent of Robert Griffin’s going to be enough to cover up a lot of the issues of this team, 100 percent if we’re talking playoffs again.

You’ve heard the argument, now pick a side:

Will RGIII rise up to be the hero Washington needs him to be? Or will the Redskins falter?


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