by Blue Shorts

VIERA, Fla. (CBSDC) – Imagine this scenario.

You walk into a restaurant to see a large group of people eating dinner together.

You think ‘They must be family or old friends.’

Upon closer look, you make out the round face of the General Manager who constructed the Washington Nationals organization to 98 wins the year before.

Next to him, a big, wide toothy smile catches your attention, and your gaze shifts to allow the face of Davey Johnson to come into focus. The same four-time All-Star Davey Johnson who’s won three World Series titles (two as a player), and has been named Manager of the Year twice, most recently last season for that same 98-win Nationals ball club.

Two living legends among men … and they’re surrounded by DONKS.

Things aren’t always what they seem.

Wednesday night, the Junkies had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share a dinner table with Nationals GM Mike Rizzo and Nats Manager Davey Johnson as they plan out their World Series run from Spring Training in Viera, Florida.

EB: So when we get to the restaurant I thought it was hysterical, the mad scramble for the seats furthest away from the action. Jason was doing his Big Time move on the phone so he could be last and couldn’t pick a spot.

Lurch: I had to come in casually late.

EB: I knew exactly what Jason was doing.  And then everybody else as we get to the table, they just immediately scurried to one end to try to get as far away from the action as possible.

Cakes: And the whole idea of the dinner was so we could get to know Mike Rizzo and Davey Johnson and some people from the Nats.

EB: But they weren’t there yet.

Lurch: Well Davey wasn’t there. Mike was.

EB: And as we were grabbing seats – I mean, I couldn’t have picked a further seat, all the way at the end – and then all of a sudden, I look up and CK points his finger right at me and says ‘Over here.’

Cakes: And I was kind of in the middle, and then somebody else got up and then I sat down next to you. But you were in the hot seat right next to Rizzo.

EB: That was the hot seat because they just wanted to make sure you be social. Usually, you know me, I’m buried into my phone, Tweeting, I’m just checking the news. All of a sudden now, if I pick up my phone it’s rude. So I had no phone action basically for two hours, and just had to sit there and try to come up with conversation starters with the General Manager of the Nats.

I think the guys have done a sturdy job of setting up this potentially disastrous scenario, so why don’t you listen to how the night unfolded below…


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