LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) – As we learned in early February, former Washington Redskins great, John Riggins’ motivation for playing football was the money and fans, and not the game. He said as much to the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan.

What wasn’t certain was just how little he watches the game of football in retirement.

“One thing we learned when we sat down with you at the Palm was you’re not necessarily the biggest fan of football in terms of watching it. That really flabbergasted Jason at the time,” JP of the Junkies told Riggins Tuesday morning. “Did you watch the Super Bowl?”

“Uhhh … no,” answered Riggins.

“Do you know who won?” JP probed further.

“Well I have to think about this for a second,” Riggins said. “I know the answer, because I’m going to try to figure out … uhhh … I got to eliminate down … I’m trying to figure out who the two teams were. I know it wasn’t … oh! Baltimore won. They played San Francisco.”

It took Hall of Fame running back John Riggins twelve seconds to name the Super Bowl champions from less than two month ago.

“You didn’t watch one snap?” JP asked.

“Nope, afraid not,” Riggins responded. “I did watch a little bit of the championship game with San Francisco and Atlanta. I think that’s what it was. Yea, I was pretty well stung from the night before and I couldn’t move off the couch.”

Another topic broached – which you can watch the Diesel go into further on Table Manners Tuesday night on CSN Washington at 11 p.m. – was his career-long battle with authority.

“I left thinking ‘John doesn’t have a lot of great regard for coaches,’” EB thought back to their sit-down with Riggins. “That was the vibe I got.”

“Well, you might be in the ballpark,” Riggins returned. “I’ve always had a problem; I mean I was in therapy for ten years. I’ve always had a problem with authority figures.

“For the most part, I was never coached by a coach that knew what I did because he had never been in that position. So it’s always difficult to look at somebody and say ‘Oh, you really know what you’re doing. You’re telling me how to do my job and you’ve never done it.’”

“A lot of coaches weren’t great players though, John, and they were still great coaches.” EB volleyed back.

“I don’t think I had any coaches that were players,” Riggins elaborated. “Well except for Richie Petitbon, but he wasn’t really my coach.”

“So in other words, when Cakes asked you about Gibbs – who you know his reputation and how loved he is here – and when it dawned on you that it was great, I don’t know that it ever did dawn on you that he was great,” Bickel said.

“Well, I don’t know. You have to remember it’s a mindset. When I was a kid there were great players, but as you get older and you become that age, they don’t seem to be so great,” Riggins said. “I don’t know if I can explain that. I mean your contemporaries because you’re one of them now.”

Then he crossed into riveting territory.

“When you’re a child I think that the world is full of mystery and wonderment and everything is amazing and it’s great,” Riggins ranted. “As you get older, and you actually start filling in the gaps you might say, then you start to become maybe a bit disenchanted with the way things are.”

Riggins would go on to explain in great detail his negative perception of football and further disillusionment with the world.

Hear it below…


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