The Washington Capitals came surging back from obscurity to rob the Boston Bruins of a victory in Overtime Tuesday, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the storyline of their season.

“Number one, last night’s win against Boston was absolutely terrific,” NHL contributor Neil Greenberg told The Junkies. “Boston is probably the strongest team in the Eastern Conference, they were down 3-0, they came back. Fehr had an absolutely unbelievable goal, which I still don’t understand how that went into the net. So it’s an absolutely huge win.”

It was exactly one month ago that Greenberg said the Capitals were “cooked” if they didn’t “win 10 straight,” trying to emphasize it would take that type of turnaround for the Capitals to start jumping teams in the standings.

“On Feb 8, they were 2-8-1 and they were 7 points behind Tampa Bay for the Southeastern Division lead, they were 5 points out of the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference,” Greenberg said Wednesday. “They win 7 out of 10, and they’re now 8 points behind Carolina for the Southeast Division lead, and they’re still 5 points out of the eight seed.”

As bleak as his outlook may have been, it has proven to be wildly indicative of just how big a hole the Caps dug for themselves to start the season.

“So when we last spoke, the slow start as I said really killed them because the Eastern Conference teams are only playing Eastern Conference teams, and when you have these loser points it’s very difficult to make up ground. So yes, they’ve been playing a little bit better as of late, but I still am not convinced they’re a playoff team.”

Neil Greenberg has proven his soothsayer capabilities once. Let’s hope he can’t do it again.

Just in case, hear all the other wealth of insight he shared about the Caps, along with why he thinks they should trade their best player…below.

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