After falling into a 3-0 hole in the 1st period against the Boston Bruins Tuesday evening, it appeared as though all hope was lost for a Washington Capitals victory.

But as John Carlson told 106.7 The Fan Wednesday, “It’s easy to look at the score and get down about the game.”

The Caps came roaring back, cutting the deficit to just one in the second period, then putting the equalizer into the back of the net late in the third period. They weren’t out of the woods even still. With just minutes left in regulation, Washington had to go on the Penalty Kill, knowing any goal would halt their attempt at redemption in Overtime.

“Everyone on the bench knew we weren’t in the most glorious spot at that point,” Carlson told Holden and Danny. “They got a good Power Play with a lot of good skill guys, but it was great that we buttoned down that hatch and Holtby came up huge throughout the game, but especially there as well.”

Carlson said the game is starting to make sense for the team now, and they’re starting to build that night-in, night-out confidence they’ll need to continue to climb out of the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings.

“We just got to keep winning. We’re still in the hole, we still got a lot of territory to make up from our bad start but, obviously this last game was a huge building block. I think we showed ourselves that we’re definitely not out of it,” Carlson said. “Now in the last five, seven, eight games now, we’ve built our confidence back up and we know we’re good enough and we know what we can accomplish, so I think that’s huge for our team going forward.”

Carlson went on to explain how after struggling with it so much, Oates’ defensive scheme is finally coming together for him.

Listen to that below…


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