Snow clouds are moving toward the city which means the people of Washington, D.C. are panicking, snatching every loaf of bread off grocery store shelves in preparation for the storm expected to hit the area Wednesday that could or could not be as serious as it sounds.

But Chief Meteorologist for WUSA 9, Topper Shutt, says this storm is no media creation. It’s going to be a “big, major storm.”

“You’ve got to look at specifics,” Shutt told 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny. “You’re in Winchester, probably fifteen or sixteen inches. If you’re in Gaithersburg, probably 11 inches. If you’re downtown, probably 8 inches or 9 inches.”

Of course, Holden and Danny had already made their official predictions for the storm, just moments before being joined by a trained professional; the best in the business.

“I am predicting 4.5 inches of snowfall for the local area, average,” Holden said. “Like, I’m in Arlington so I’m going to go 4.5 inches there. I’m going to go 5 ¾ in D.C.”

“I’m going to go Price is Right Rules. I’m going to say 4.6 in Arlington and what’d you say for D.C?” Danny asked.

“Five and three-quarters,” Holden responded.

“[redacted]. Five and four-fifths then,” Danny concluded.

So let’s have some fun.

Put your name and prediction to ink before the storm clouds reach the District, and before drivers across the beltway make it literally impossible to reach Point B from Point A without being halted by a series of needless accidents.

You’ve got the template laid out by Topper, the foremost expert in predicting the highly unpredictable.

How much snow will your town get? Let us know on our Facebook page so you can incite an argument with your family while you’re stranded indoors with them for hours.

Just point back to your comment and say “I told you so.”

This is also your chance to beat the hosts: Holden and Danny; payback for that time they called you a d-bag just before you heard dial tone.

Jason “Lurch” Bishop of the Junkies gave Topper a competing forecast, and had this to say… on the record:

“This is going to start out as mainly a rain event for the south and east, as we progress overnight and then once that blast of cold air comes north and west, this is going to be a major significant snow event. And I think at some jpoint during the next 12 hours, north and west could probably see anywhere from 9-15 inches, points west of that could probably see maybe even 20 inches, but I think the further south and east you are, this is going to be a rain event and then turn into snow, once that blast of cold air kind of wraps around coming in from the coast. And they’ll probably see 2-4 inches. Right around D.C. somewhere between 6 and 10 inches.”

Official 106.7 The Fan snow predictions for DC:

Holden – 5 and ¾ inches

Danny – 4 and 4/5 inches

Lurch – 6-10 inches

And follow the best meteorologist in town, here.

Holden draws his own Snow Chart predicting snow totals in the area. (Credit: Brendan Darr)

Holden draws his own Snow Chart predicting snow totals in the area. (Credit: Brendan Darr)


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