A while back, the lovable Fred Smoot was arrested and charged with DUI, an incident that further tainted the former Washington Redskin’s reputation.

On Dec. 30 of last year, Smoot was pulled over in the 100 Block of Massachusetts Avenue, NE.

According to arresting officer Seth Carll of the U.S. Capitol Police — in an affidavit obtained by the Washingtonian — Smoot agreed to a field sobriety test after claiming to have had just one drink. Smoot was arrested after various sobriety tests revealed “many clues of impairment.”

But when Smoot declined to comment, it allowed for more suspicion.

While being processed, according to Carll’s affidavit, Smoot “peed his pants, creating a puddle on the floor,” and an officer “witnessed the urine running down his pant leg and onto the floor.”

Smoot talked about the incident Friday on the Holden and Danny Show on 106.7 the Fan.

“First of all, I wanted to apologize to not only my family, my friends, and everybody in the D.C. area for just putting myself in that situation to begin with,” Smoot said. “We’ve pretty much dealt with the legal matters of it. It was more of a mishap of me stepping outside of the boundaries of how I spoke to this officer, and me and him basically, verbally got into it from the draw. That forced it to go in many, many different ways.”

He went on to insinuate that a subsequent legal battle has spawned from the arrest, based on the information leaked in the affidavit.

“Like I said, I’ve already dealt with the legal part of it, so now if the civil moves on I would have to deal with it in that way,” Smoot said. “So I can’t really continue to speak on it as in-depth as I really want to. But you know at the end of the day, bad decision by me, and I’m dealing with it right now, day-to-day.”

When asked if the report of his alleged incontinence was true, Smoot seemed to hint that was the reason for the lawsuit.

“That’s the part that now we’re dealing with civilly, and everything from a lot of false stuff to even stuff being wrote on a regular sheet of paper,” Smoot said. “And like I said, it goes a lot deeper than that, and that part I’m handling as we speak so I can’t really speak on it in depth. But yes, it was a lot of false information.”


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