LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC)– It’s been more than a decade since the MTV prank show “Jackass” went off the air, and a few young men from Vienna seem to think it’s about time for a new gag troupe.

Faysal, Omar and Zayd Khatib, which is how they identify themselves on Twitter, have created a YouTube account called theCHAIZYchannel, where they post videos of their public pranks. Their most watched upload by far, with more than 3 million views, features something called “gallon smashing.”

It involves walking into grocery stores, grabbing gallon jugs of milk or juice, and throwing them on the ground or into the air while pretending to fall. Many of the “falls” in the video include acrobatic jumps and “dropping” the jugs usually involves violently throwing them into the air or into shelves.

The craze has definitely reached “viral” status. Both “Good Morning America” and “Inside Edition” have featured segments on it, and and a YouTube search for “gallon smashing” pulls up dozens of copycat videos.

But the growing notoriety of the prank may prove to be troublesome for the boys, since Fairfax County Police say an investigation into their actions is underway. The department would not elaborate on the investigation.

Some online commentors have written that they think police or parent intervention is necessary, and have called the boys wasteful, among other things.

“If the families of ‘Zayd, Faysal and Omar Khatib’ have one ounce of honor, they need to make full restitution to each of the stores,” one posted.

“Someone has to pay for that damaged merchandise. I bet it’s not those hooligans. Children, and even adults go days without a food to eat. Yet some take it upon themselves to waste food for the sake of a prank, then post it on the internet for fame,” another wrote.

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