Steve Largent, a Hall of Fame wide receiver who played 14 years in the NFL before turning to a career in politics, is no stranger to quarterback play in the NFL.

The former Seattle Seahawk, who will be featured on Junkies’ “Table Manners” Tuesday at 11 p.m. on Comcast, still keeps in close contact with longtime teammate Jim Zorn, who is currently the quarterbacks coach for the Arizona Cardinals. Yes, that Jim Zorn.

Their recent correspondence yielded some interesting first-hand analysis of Jets quarterback Tim Tebow as an NFL passer.

“According to Jim, the guy that needs to be praying is Tim Tebow,” Largent told the Junkies.

He explained that Zorn spent some time working with Tebow last week in Arizona, as the Jets continue to openly shop the signal-caller in hopes of finding a trade partner.

“(Zorn) just felt like Tim doesn’t have a lot of real solid basics in quarterbacking skills,” Largent continued. “And in Jim’s opinion, he’s had three years in the NFL without a real solid quarterback coach. In Jim’s opinion, there’s about eight or nine passes you have to be able to throw in order to play at a confident level in the NFL and Tim can throw about three of them.”

Tebow has sparked much debate over his ability to play quarterback after leading the Broncos to an 8-5 record in his sophomore season, including a playoff victory over the Steelers.

His reward? Being shipped out of town in favor of Peyton Manning. He played sparingly for the New York Jets last season, attempting just eight passes.

“Nobody had ever talked to Tim about that before, and talked to him about fundamentals and footwork and how you release a ball,” Largent said. “I do not know either how you can possibly play three years in the NFL and play college football and never have anybody in there talking to you about the fundamentals of playing football at quarterback. But Jim says he hasn’t had anybody.”

The Tebow revelation concluded with Largent saying Zorn did admire Tebow’s strength and fitness, but he just won’t be a capable NFL quarterback without learning the fundamentals of the job.

Tebow made news last week when he agreed to speak at a controversial church, and then cancelled the appearance amidst speculation it would tarnish his reputation.

At least now he’s making headlines for something football related.


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