It almost sounds strange to say, but the Capitals are trending upward for the first time this season after two consecutive wins against a divisional opponent.

Playing the Panthers twice in four days, Washington found its first win streak of the season after blowing out Florida at home on Saturday, then scratching and clawing back for the victory down south on Tuesday.

It was how they won the more recent of the two victories – coming back from a two goal deficit in the fading minutes of the third period, and then scoring on the second shot of OT – that has Caps fans believing they’ve finally returned to form.

“That could be a catalyst to turn the entire thing around,” Brooks Laich told the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan Thursday. “It’s sort of reminiscent of the old Caps to be able to pull a game out like that but it’s something we desperately, desperately needed.”

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The Caps road victory came before a sea of empty seats, an observation easily noticed by anyone watching at home.

“There was a lot of red seats that you could see in that one, around the building you could see it obviously and even on TV,” Laich said. “I had some friends send me messages wondering if there was anybody at that game. But that’s something that comes with the lockout. We’ve turned away some markets and some fans.”

One person who hasn’t returned to form – besides Laich who has been sidelined all season with a groin injury – is captain Alexander Ovechkin who has just 10 points on the year, leaving him outside the Top 50 players in the league.

While he may not have speaking about Ovechkin directly, Laich did have some leading thoughts on perspectives of struggling players from outside the locker room.

“People are really quick to judge and really think they understand what’s going on with a team or an individual or whatever, but a lot of times they don’t have a clue. They aren’t even in the ballpark,” Laich said. “They might say he’s lost a step or something, but he might be playing with a fractured ankle. They have no idea. Or he’s not shooting the puck anymore, he doesn’t trust his shot. He might have a sprained wrist that he can’t even open a car door.”

The Junkies tried to explain people have these misconceptions about the team because they hear so little regarding injury, leaving them to their own devices in forming opinions. Laich was quick to respond, and he did so comically.

“You guys know what we want you to know. That’s how it works.”

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