by: Blue Shorts

When the Junkies called upon their old buddy Sactown Mike to ask what he thought of Table Manners, their conversation unsurprisingly – given his history on the show – took a surprising turn when Mike made a revelation of the photogenic nature.

When the discussion quickly shifted from one television event to another – more specifically the the events that transpired during the Chris Dorner police chase – the topic arose of how strange it was that Dorner was smiling in all of his pictures.

“People that smile all the time are the fakest people ever because that’s not real life,” E.B. proclaimed.

Allow your imagination to run wild with a few minutes of five grown men commenting on the proper smiling technique.

Note to reader: Minor liberties were taken with the Sactown quotes below, in the interest of avoiding redundancy.

“You don’t show no teeth in no pictures. That’s not good,” Sactown said.

“That’s corny?” Cakes asked.

“It’s not cool to show all of your teeth in the picture, looking like Jaws,” Sactown joned.

“I don’t show all of my teeth, I usually show the top row,” Cakes responded.

Here comes the bombshell.

“Then you’re not a real man if you stare at the camera while you’re taking the picture,” Sactown said. “You’re supposed to look away.”

“You’re supposed to look away?!” EB asked perplexed.

“Yea. You don’t look at the camera,” Sactown affirmed. “Don’t look away like you’re taking a mugshot, but look to the right a little bit.”

“Why?” Eb continued to press.

“Don’t stare at the camera because it doesn’t look cool. Know what I’m saying?” Sactown asked for the forty-third time.

Now, at this point in the show the guys took calls to determine if there was a racial divide in how one’s trained to smile. The response seemed yes and no.

But instead of recapping those calls, let’s look back into Junkies history for a moment.

Long before Mike was 40, he would rear his ugly head at Junkies events, and even call in on time when asked to appear on the show (no, not really).

Let’s take a look at this gallery – composed entirely of Sactown Mike at past Junkies events – to find out if he practices what he preaches.

Gallery: Does Sactown Ever Look At The Camera?

You can pick up the conversation around the 8:20 mark below.

“I took a picture with Uncle Boogie, I looked to the right.”

Sorry, that quote came in kind of late … in honor of Sactown.

Follow Sactown on Twitter: @DennyHamlin


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