LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — The Washington Nationals will be travelling south for spring training in a couple days but the team’s mascots will be heading west for some training of their own.

The racing presidents — George Washington, Tom Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and the new addition of Bill Taft — will make a trip to Mount Rushmore to celebrate Presidents Day weekend.

Along the way there, two presidents will be racing to claim bragging rights in the mascots’ newest rivalry.

Bill and Teddy will depart D.C. on Friday and “race” to America’s presidential landmark in South Dakota, with the winner being decided by fan voting online. Fans can cast votes for “Bill and Teddy’s Executive Adventure” on Twitter using #VoteBill or #VoteTeddy to pick who they want to win.

The two competitors already have taken to Twitter to trash-talk.

Once at Mount Rushmore, Bill and Teddy will meet up with their fellow presidents and enjoy the holiday named in their honor.

Due to the mascots' road trip, auditions for the 2013 racing presidents — which normally take place Presidents Day weekend — instead will be held March 2. Fans with presidential aspirations have until Feb. 20 to apply.

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