LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC)– Anne Arundel County was among the 10 districts in the nation that had the smallest margins of victory between presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the November election.

According to, it came in fifth place after counties in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Arkansas. Those counties ended up with razor-thin margins of between 0.01 and 0.06 points, or between 1 and 3 votes.

Anne Arundel County, which ultimately went to Romney, had a margin of 0.08 points and just 197 votes. It was the closest county in the country among those that had at least 12,000 voters visit the polls, the Bloomberg report said.

The full list:

1. Pike County, Ohio (voted Romney by 0.01 percentage points and 1 vote)
2. Price County, Wisconsin (voted Obama by 0.04 points and 3 votes)
3. Winnebago County, Iowa (voted Romney by 0.05 points and 3 votes)
4. Monroe County, Arkansas (voted Romney by 0.06 points and 2 votes)
5. Anne Arundel County, Maryland (voted Romney by 0.08 points and 197 votes)
6. Harris County, Texas (voted Obama by 0.08 points and 971 votes)
7. Greene County, Iowa (voted Romney by 0.10 points and 5 votes)
8. Lenoir County, North Carolina (voted Romney by 0.11 points and 32 votes)
9. Chaffee County, Colorado (voted Obama by 0.15 points and 16 votes)
10. Iron County, Wisconsin (voted Romney by 0.17 points and 6 votes)

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