Two online giants are at each other’s throats again.

First Microsoft went after Google Search.

Now Microsoft is promoting Outlook with an attack aimed at Gmail’s privacy policies – or its lack of them.

This new campaign is titled “Scroogled,” and not only devotes a website with two videos to criticizing Gmail, it asks users to sign a petition demanding that Google stop collecting personal information in order to more effectively target its customers.

The petition reads, in part, “Google earns money by violating your privacy. They go through every word of your personal Gmail so they can target you with ads.

“Every word of every email. Even the most private ones. Do you feel violated yet?”

One video closes with a clip of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s comment that Google goes right up to the “creepy line” of privacy, but does not cross it.

Microsoft’s site states, “We don’t go through your email to sell ads” without mentioning a caveat on its privacy site that warns its services “may include the display of personalized content and advertising.”

Still, visitors to Scroogled may learn something they didn’t know. A survey by the Mozaic Group found that more than seven-in-ten Gmail users don’t know that all of their mail is screened for personal data that Google can sell.

See for yourself by clicking here.


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