Students at Duke University came under heavy fire for throwing what is being called by many, a racist themed party.

The brothers of Kappa Sigma at Duke decided to throw an epic rager that was reportedly Asian-themed.

Last week they sent out an email invitation to fellow students containing the phonetic spelling of stereotypical mispronunciations, including the greeting “Herro Nice Duke Peopre,” according to the LA Times.

Outraged, members of the Asian Students Associaton distributed fliers around the campus that chronicled the offensive invitation, as well as photos from the party showing attendees dressed in ceremonial Asian gowns and conical caps.

“What if people had a whole Hitler-themed party?” J.P. asked.

“You should be able to have a Hitler-themed party,” E.B. proclaimed. “Hello? It’s a free country! I can have a Hitler party if I want. I never would!”

“Well that’s a little different than having an Asian party,” Lurch jumped in.

“You should be able to have one either way,” E.B. responded.

Insert non-confrontational white-trash zing from Cakes here.

“There might have been Asian guys in the frat,” Lurch added. “I’ve been to Duke. There’s a lot of Asians down there.”

Although the conversation on the air Thursday was riddled with zingers and hyperbole, at the heart of the matter lay very serious questions.

Is the exploitation of stereotypes enough to be considered racist? What if no one was offended by the party? Would it still be racist?

What if the party was organized by an Asian student? And should they be allowed to throw a racist party?

Listen to the clip below and join in on the conversation.


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