LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — Super Bowl commercials are a funny thing. Most dubbed too controversial for television are pulled long before they have a chance to air.

But it appears one slipped by the censors for LaVar Arrington.

The former Washington Redskins linebacker turned media personality took a few moments on LaVar & Dukes Monday to air his opinion over Kia’s “Space Babies” ad.

The problem? It was a watered down version of an instructional high school film strip.

“They went through the whole process of baby making in that commercial,” Arrington quipped. “We’re talking about the kid asked where does babies come from… they showed where the babies come from.”

It’s hard to argue with his logic if you actually saw the ad.

Arrington says the planets shown on the 60-second piece clearly represent a woman’s egg. This is undeniable.

He also took exception to the fact animals were used to represent human babies. Also undeniable. And what’s not to gripe about with this? There are blatant differences between pregnancies in the animal kingdom and the human gestational period.

“What’s so dumb about that is they had cows and all kinds of animals,” Arrington exclaimed. “That’s not the same period for animals. It’s not a nine month period of time for animals to have babies.”

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With the multitude of issues and perhaps a few questions from young children up late watching the game, the ad should have drawn a flag in his eyes.

“There were so many different things that ran through my head,” he said.

So what did his broadcast partner Chad Dukes think about Kia’s ad?

“That commercial did seem like, yes, it was veiled references to human reproduction.”

Well said.

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