by: Blue Shorts

There’s one thing Junkies show character ‘Larry The Corky’ wants more than anything from the guys: to meet Angelina Jolie.

But unless they change their name to Kevin McCarthy, there’s no way that will ever happen.

I know that. You know that.

But Larry doesn’t know that.

In light of Manti Te’o being duped, and Catfishing – or pretending to be someone you’re not – being all the rage, Matt Valdez and Cakes hatched a plan to pull one over on LTC.

Cakes, the man of a thousand voices, gave Larry a call as Angelina after the show on Wednesday.

“So you Catfished Larry the Corky by saying you were Angelina Jolie? Did you work on content before the call?” JP asked as they set up the audio clip live on the show Thursday.

“Yea, I had bullet points, stuff to refer to, a few zings,” Cakes answered. “The idea was, I’m Angelina Jolie shooting a movie over in Europe, and Larry’s my number one fan, and he’s been put into contact with me, via Eric, my agent.”

Let’s jump to some highlights from the phone call…

Angelina: I’ve heard you’re my number one fan, is this true?

Larry: Yes it is.

Angelina: That’s amazing, thank you so much for supporting my career, Larry. And I apologize for any sort of bad connection, because as Eric mentioned, I am over in Europe filming a new movie.

Larry: “Right. Right, that’s awesome.”

Angelina: “I really hope you can go see that movie when it comes out in the theaters, Larry.

Larry: Oh what movie…what’s the name of it?

Angelina: Uhh, we don’t have a working title yet but Johnny Knoxville’s starring in it with me, as is George Clooney and Joe Pesci. It’s sort of a drama/comedy.

Angelina: My publicist, Eric just emailed me a picture of you in studio with the Junkies. I see you’re an ICP fan. I’m a Juggalo too.

Larry: Oh, that’s awesome!

Angelina: You know, Brad and I have been looking for some vacation homes along the east coast. Do you have any good tips around there in the Pasadena area?

Larry: Uh. Good tip. Uhhh… Yes, I do.

Johnny Knoxville. George Clooney. Joe Pesci. Nice.

Meanwhile, LTC was listening on hold as the guys unveiled their dubious plan on the air.

“Larry, did you buy it all for a second?” J.P. asked in that way where you want him to stop talking.

Larry tried to act as though he never believed the call was real, but when pressed harder by the interrogating foursome, eventually admitted he didn’t catch on until halfway through the staged call.

You see, Manti? It can happen to anyone.

Or, just you and a donk who lives with his parents in Pasadena where he takes 3-hour showers.

The true value of a segment like this can only be appreciated by hearing it.

Listen below and follow Larry The Corky on Twitter to get more of this:

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