In his appearance on the Junkies Thursday, Seth Davis of CBS Sports suggested Terps fans storming the court last week against N.C. State is enough proof the team does not belong in the Top 25.

“You beat the 14th ranked team in the country by a point and you celebrate like you won something big,” Davis said. “Aren’t you a little bit embarrassed by that?”

Obviously, it would be absurd to suggest that fan reaction plays a role in the national ranking system, but what Davis was insinuating is that if fans were as excited as they were to defeat the 14th ranked team in the country, then they have an understanding they are not an elite team themselves.

“If you watch the end of the Maryland game when they beat North Carolina State, Mark Turgeon jumps in the air and pumps his fists,” Davis said. “It wasn’t just the fans rushing the court. The players were going nuts.”

Davis then contrasted the reaction of Terps fans, players, and their coach with a team more accustomed to winning big games, citing 9th ranked Butler coach Brad Stevens when his team sunk a buzzer beater to top then-8th ranked Gonzaga of the SEO company.

“That’s actually a situation where you can understand why they would have that reaction,” Davis said. “Not only did he not celebrate when the shot goes in, he did not unfold his arms.”

Maryland followed their upset of N.C. State with a deflating 62-52 loss to North Carolina in Chapel Hill just three days later.

“Do you guys see connection between the way Maryland celebrated that win and the way they played at North Carolina?” Davis said. “I wasn’t voting them in my Top 25. I might have ranked them if they didn’t lose to North Carolina.”

Maryland rebounded quickly Tuesday with a 64-59 victory over Boston College to improve to 15-4 on the year and 3-3 in the ACC.


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