LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC)– Rives Miller Grogan has performed several dramatic anti-abortion protests in the past year.

In June, Capitol Police removed him from the Senate gallery after he disrupted proceedings by shouting that abortion is a sin.

In October, he ran out onto the field before the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants playoff game with an anti-abortion sign in tow.

In late December, he was in trouble with Capitol Police yet again after causing another disruption in the Senate building while legislators were trying to resolve fiscal cliff woes.

But, after Grogan climbed 40 feet into a tree near the Capitol reflecting pool during the Presidential Inauguration Monday and ignored police orders to come down, the 47-year-old California man will likely be legally prohibited from entering the District, The Washington Post reports.

Police told The Post that they tried to talk Grogan out of the tree before the ceremony began. When he wouldn’t climb down, they attempted to use a fire department ladder to reach him but the fire truck couldn’t get through security barricades. Grogan climbed higher when the police eventually got a ladder to the scene, so the officers decided to leave him in the tree until after the ceremony was over to prevent disruptions. Although he came down after about five hours, he annoyed nearby spectators by shouting during the swearing-in.

A District judge freed Grogan Tuesday but ordered him to come back to Superior Court for a Feb. 25 hearing.

The Post report says Grogan has been convicted five times in D.C. since 2009. His charges of disorderly conduct and disobeying police have resulted in fines, probation and suspended jail sentences.

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