by Chuck Carroll

ASHBURN, Va. (CBSDC) — Robert Griffin III’s rehabilitation from reconstructive knee surgery likely began minutes after waking up from anesthesia in a recovery room in Gulf Breeze, Fla.

If his experience at the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine was anything like previous patients, physical therapists were jostling his knee long before his head was clear of sleep inducing drugs.

After weeks of wearing a restrictive brace due to a mild sprain, Griffin completely shredded his knee during Washington’s playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. And so on Jan. 9, Dr. James Andrews performed a direct repair of his LCL and a re-do of a previous ACL tear sustained while at Baylor.

Teammate Adam Carriker and former WWE champion Bill Goldberg are both familiar with Andrews’ zealous rehab process, each having undergone shoulder surgeries at the hands of the famed orthopedist.

“Andrews is extremely aggressive in his rehab,” said Goldberg. “Once you get out of surgery he wants range of motion in the post-operative room.”

On his radio show, 4th & Pain, Carriker bluntly recalled his experience with Andrews as he awoke from his procedure.

“The first thing I did was puke all over the place,” the Redskins defensive end said. “The second thing I did was they grabbed my right shoulder and moving it around.”

And that’s when the pain set in.

Goldberg and Carriker on Andrews Experience

“I was literally half second away from punching the stupid P.T. in the face,” Carriker stated. “She was mad at me because I was crying like a little girl and I was mad at her because she was making me cry like a little girl and I didn’t appreciate it.”

Despite the nearly intolerable pain, Carriker says you cannot argue with the type of results produced by Dr. Andrews.

“That’s just exactly how he approaches his rehab and that’s exactly what they’re going to be doing with Robert,” he said. “That’s why he has such great success.”

Goldberg, whose iconic professional wrestling career was preceded by a stint with the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers, seconds Carriker’s optimistic outlook for Griffin. His confidence stems not only from his personal experience with Andrews, but from the surgeon’s nearly flawless stature.

“His reputation speaks for itself,” Goldberg said.

In the hours following Griffin’s surgery, Andrews released a brief statement through the Redskins with a rosy prognosis for the star quarterback — he would be ready in time for start of the 2013 season.

Having performed thousands of surgeries on countless athletes and developing a pristine reputation over his decades in practice, Andrews’ word is solid in the eyes of the Goldberg.

“If Andrews thinks he can be ready, then I think there’s a distinct possibility,” he said. “I don’t think Andrews is basing it on anything other than experience and fact. He is a person who has made his name on his reputation and I don’t think he’s just giving answer shot out of his (butt)… I trust him.”

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