WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Throughout his 17-year career, Ray Lewis has built his legacy on being an emotional player that inspires his teammates with his heart, as much as he does with his play on the field.

But ever since announcing to teammates this season would be his “last ride,” Baltimore’s field general has certainly shown an uptick in his sideline antics, which includes, but is not limited to, more crying on camera pre- and post-game and an extra level of biblical references in interviews.

The Ray Lewis dance, which has long been part of his pre-game ritual – exciting the fans with it just before he sprints onto the field – has become as much a part of his legacy as bone-jarring hits.

His on-the-field presence has lurked in the back of opposing quarterbacks’ minds for years.

But as each game brings Lewis closer to his impending retirement, it seems his emotions have been that much more evident before, after and during games.

So the Sports Junkies, begged the question: Is Ray Lewis doing it up for the cameras?

Some things to keep in mind as you decide for yourself:

  • Ray Lewis hasn’t been to a Super Bowl in 12 seasons, with his last/only appearance coming in the 2000 season; his fifth year in the league.
  • If Lewis stays true to his word and retires at the end of the season, this will be his last opportunity to win a championship.

“I guarantee you some of those guys are rolling their eyes,” E.B. said of Lewis’ teammates.

“There’s part of it that’s genuine. It’s the Ray Lewis brand,” he continued. “He’s just soaking it in and I believe he’s a narcissistic maniac.”

“I do believe he’s emotional and I do believe that he’s very religious,” Lurch said. “But I do believe that when the cameras are on him, he does ramp it up.”

“I think in this case, the fans love it and the players love it,” J.P. said. “If you were watching behind the scenes of every NBA championship game, LeBron James is in there and using war references. It’s just standard in sports.”

“For him, he believes this is destiny that God put them in New England again because they lost in New England last year; put them back because it’s all part of God’s plan.”

“If the 75 cameras weren’t on Ray Lewis at the end of that game,” Lurch said. “There’s no way he’d be on his hands and knees praying to the field.”

So what do you think? Is Ray Ray really this emotional as he prepares to hang ’em up or is he hamming it up for the cameras?

And if it’s the latter, what does he have planned for the Super Bowl?


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