A 10-year musical project continues Saturday at Strathmore Hall in North Bethesda, as a local concert pianist continues his Extreme Chopin Quest.

Brian Ganz, 52, is on a personal mission to play everything classical music composer Chopin composed, which he says ads up to something like 16 hours of music.

“That allows me to do something that I really enjoy which I call musical gardening,” Ganz said. “I’ll play some of the earliest works Chopin wrote in certain genres and then immediately follow those with more mature works in those genres.”

Hearing recordings of Chopin’s music  caught his ear when he was very young.

“We didn’t even have a piano yet, so I wasn’t actually taking lessons yet,” Ganz said. “And I just started listening and I remember doing calisthenics to Chopin with my mom.”

The title of Saturday’s concert is “Small Worlds” where Ganz will play the 24 Preludes, a show that debuts at the Strathmore at 8 p.m.


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