From runner-up in the Heisman Trophy, to him capturing our hearts with the harrowing story of his grandmother and girlfriend dying 24 hours apart, Manti Te’o stands to lose everything he’s built at Notre Dame if the reports he fabricated having a dead girlfriend are true.

Deadspin is reporting Manti Te’o and members of his family colluded together to fabricate the existence of his girlfriend – Lennay Kekua – who Te’o claimed passed away after a battle with leukemia in September.

Te’o was lauded for his motivational play throughout his senior season at Notre Dame, and it was regarded as inspirational and a testament to his strong spirit when he played directly following the deaths of his grandmother and alleged girlfriend.

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According to Deadspin, the pictures of the alleged deceased girlfriend were a forge; copies of another woman who has never met Te’o. In fact, Deadspin says although Kekua was reported to be a student at Stanford, the university had no record of a student by that name. In fact, Deadspin is claiming every piece of the Lennay Kekua’s existence was a fabrication; a story spun by Te’o and embraced by an entire nation of adoring fans.

Kate Sullivan with CBS 2 in Chicago, sat down with T’eo a few months ago. At the 1:50 mark of the interview, Te’o describes the feeling of being showered in appreciation by fans – adorned in leis – after Notre Dame defeated Michigan State just days after the alleged death of Kekua.

He was the runner-up to Johnny Manziel in the 2012 Heisman race, and even dedicated a game ball to his alleged girlfriend.

Listen for “That day happened to be the same day my girlfriend was buried” below:


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