JP’s Cringeworthy Comment To George Lopez

The Junkies had a solid interview with comedian George Lopez on Thursday, but it was JP’s awkward statement towards the end that left the rest of the show uncomfortable.

Lopez was on to promote his Saturday night show at DAR Constitution Hall and the Junks asked him about the Lakers struggles and playing in the Pro-Am at Pebble Beach.

Towards the end, JP told George that Drab joked earlier that “one of his people” was on the show. When in fact, Lopez is Mexican and JP is Puerto Rican. JP then told George, “I don’t think Puerto Ricans even know who George Lopez is!” After a forced laughter, Lopez awkwardly remarked “That’s hilarious.”

Of course, EB clubbed JP after they let Lopez go for once again for being out of touch.

Listen Below!

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