LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC)– The District and Baltimore are officially ranked among the “25 drunkest cities” in the nation, according to The Daily Beast.

The District came in ninth place, with adult residents consuming 15.6 alcoholic beverages per month. In the nation’s capital, 14.5 percent of the population are binge drinkers and 5 percent are heavy drinkers.

For the final rankings, the average number of drinks consumed per month accounted for 50 percent of the weighted score; both the binge-drinking and the heavy-drinking populations for each metro area on the list got a 25 percent weighting.

Baltimore is the thirteenth drunkest city in the United States, according to the list, and adults there have 14.7 drinks per month. About 16.3 percent of the population binge drink, and another 4.8 percent classify as heavy drinkers.

Nearby Norfolk came in second only to Boston. Adults in the Virginia city consume 15.1 drinks per month, 19.9 percent of them are classified as binge drinkers and 5.2 percent are heavy drinkers.

Data for the list was gathered from Experian Marketing Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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