KABUL, Afghanistan (CBSDC) – A military adviser from the United States was reportedly shot and killed inside Kabul police headquarters by an Afghan policewoman who has since been detained.

The attacker – identified as Sgt. Nargas by Afghan police – is said to have ties with the Taliban, according to the BBC.

“A U.S. police adviser was killed in an attack by an Afghan policewoman,” a spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force, run by NATO, was quoted as saying by Reuters.

“He was shot in his heart and died very quickly afterwards in the hospital,” an official speaking anonymously was quoted as saying to the Washington Post.

Mohammad Zahir, who serves as head of the police criminal investigations department, additionally termed the shooting an “insider attack.”

The BBC is reporting that Nargas shot the adviser as he exited a small shop with several items he had purchased. The shooter, who killed the unidentified adviser on Monday, is said to be the first woman to shoot a person working in tandem with Afghan officials to train the nation’s police and military.

“She is now under interrogation,” an officer who works in a section of the Interior Ministry responsible for gender awareness issues told Reuters. “She is crying and saying ‘what have I done?'”

Trust previously forged between the Western-led coalition and local authorities has allegedly been shaken by the incident.

One out of every five combat deaths in forces championed by NATO are caused by inside attacks, as well as a reported 16 percent of all American combat casualties, 2012 data obtained by Reuters indicated. And according to the BBC, over 50 members of NATO-led forces were said to be killed by male troops in Afghanistan this year alone.

The news service is also reporting that the incident has only added to pressure that had already been mounting to eliminate Taliban threats as NATO’s 2014 withdrawal from Afghanistan draws nearer.


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