WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Pope Benedict XVI is reportedly ready to take one holy step into technology by making his first official Tweet.

According to USA Today, the Pope has tweeted previously under ambiguous Twitter handles with low follower counts, but at the time of writing this, his groundbreaking first tweet under the new handle: @Pontifex will blast out to more than 621,000 tech –faithfuls across the globe.

The Pope gained instantaneous web popularity last week when the Vatican announced his new account, enlisting hundreds of thousands of ‘followers’ within hours.

He’ll be tweeting “Pearls of Wisdom” – quotes from prior speeches – initially, but the service will eventually transition into a platform where people can tweet their religious questions to the Pope, and presumably, he’ll respond.

Each tweet, which the Vatican says it will handle at first but will only tweet his words, will be translated into Spanish, French, Arabic, Polish, Italian, Portuguese and German, then sent out from corresponding accounts. These language-specific accounts are easily distinguishable among the list of accounts @Pontifex is following. He’s currently following no others.

He’s scheduled to break his social media silence sometime on Tuesday, Dec. 12.

Any guesses on what his first tweet will be?


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