Junkies: Polumbus Will Take Care Of Business

On Tuesday, the Junkies had on Washington Redskins right tackle; Tyler Polumbus. Tyler is one of the anchors that have done a great job all year opening holes for Alfred Morris.

However, EB is worried about Robert Griffin III’s knee and if the offensive line can do a good enough job with the pass protection.

“Listen Tyler, I don’t think you guys are that great in pass protection,” Bickel said.

“Well I don’t think you’re that good at announcing,” Polumbus laughed. “It’s a good thing you’re not going to be out on the field because we’re going to take care of business.”

The guys try to get an idea from Tyler who he thought would be the starting quarterback this weekend, but Tyler did his best to dodge the questions.

To hear the full segment click below.
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