tailgate fan A How to Guide to Build Your Homemade Redskins Fan Tailgating Outfit
Washington Redskins fans know that one of the most important players on the team is the 12th man. In addition to cheering your heart out and singing along to the Redskins fight song, show up at the stadium wearing your team spirit on your sleeve without spending too many bucks. 

Wear Burgundy and Gold

Who says you have to wear an expensive Redskins jersey in order to show your support for the team? Whether shopping at the mall or browsing through your closet, chances are you will find something that comes in the team’s colors. Wear a burgundy sweater over blue jeans or accessorize your outfit with gold items like a scarf, earrings or a watch. Swipe on some gold eye shadow, don some burgundy fake eyelashes, paint your nails burgundy and gold or wear a pair of gold shades. Wear something traditional or go completely outlandish.

Dress Up Like a Hogette

The Hogettes are well-known for their vibrant wigs, old-fashioned women’s dresses and pig snouts. Why not show up at a game dressed the same way? Search your closet (or your mother’s or grandmother’s) for the tackiest dress you can find. If you can’t find any, head to the nearest thrift shop and search the racks. Then, swing by a costume shop to find accessories including a wig, feather boa, leggings, shoes, hats, gloves, glasses and, of course, a pig snout. No need to worry about finding everything in the Redskins team colors. When dressing up like a Hogette, the tackier the outfit and/or accessories, the better.

Add War Paint

If you’ve ever been to a Redskins game, then chances are you’ve seen Chief Zee either somewhere in the stands or on the Jumbotron. Known as the unofficial mascot of the Redskins, Chief Zee is always dressed wearing a faux headdress, a red Native American-inspired outfit and carrying a toy tomahawk. You, too, can show your support in a similar fashion by adding face paint to your DIY Redskins fan tailgating outfit. Swipe on some burgundy and gold on your cheeks, slip on some Redskins eye strips or search for a decorative faux headdress or Native American-inspired garb. Other ideas include temporary Redskins tattoos, colorful hair clips or a feather hair clip.

Check out Tailgate Fan to keep the party going at tailgatefan.cbslocal.com.

Susan Diranian is a freelance writer living in Ashburn, VA. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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