Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson joined Holden and Danny Tuesday morning coming off a huge Monday Night win over the Giants. The victory brings the Redskins within one game of the division lead and the final wild card spot.

Wilson said the team has gained confidence over the course of their current winning streak. They are executing at the end of games better than what they have done earlier in the season.

“We’ve finished some games,” Wilson said. “We’ve put great games together vs. our whole conference and it’s all about now taking it to the next level. We showed that we can play with anybody.”

The Redskins made some key adjustments in the second half against the Giants, including different looks in the secondary and blitzing Eli Manning. Wilson explained that while Eli needed to take more time to figure out more complex secondary playcalls in the second half, that allowed the defensive line to get to him.

“Eli couldn’t figure out what we were doing,” said Wilson. “We changed some things up and we were giving him easier looks in the first half. In the second half we made a big adjustment and he couldn’t adjust to what we were doing.”

Wilson thought that Josh Morgan recovering Robert Griffin III’s fumble for a touchdown was a turning point for both teams.

“You know you got some favor on your side when you fumble and it pitches right to a wide receiver and he runs into the end zone,” Wilson said. “For us, it was like ‘man, this was meant for us’ and for them it had to be disheartening to say ‘man, we can’t catch a break.’”

The defense was able to enjoy watching Alfred Morris wind down the rest of the clock, showing how the Redskins have finished big wins better as the season goes along.

“When Alfred got that last first down, on the sideline you would’ve thought we had won the biggest game of our lives,” Wilson said. “We know that our team has the ability to finish games and win big games on the national stage.”

The Redskins face the Ravens next week as they try to continue to stay in the NFC playoff hunt. Like the Giants, the Ravens have no shortage of weapons on the offensive side of the ball.

“You’ve got the ultimate running-back back there with Ray Rice,” said Wilson. “He’s a bowling ball back there. Boldin… is a guy that knows how to get open. Tough receiver who’s going to hit you as you saw on that 4th-and-29 play.”

Wilson also gave credit to Joe Flacco’s deep-passing ability and Dennis Pitta as a good pass-catching tight end. The Redskins can tie for a playoff spot with a win next week.


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