WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that emergency contraception drugs be prescribed to sexually active teenagers as a preventative measure.

“[A]dolescents are more likely to use emergency contraception if it’s prescribed in advance,” a press release on the AAP official website states.

The suggestion was inspired by a reported increase in teen birth rates in the United States, especially in comparison to other developed nations.

“Many teens continue to engage in unprotected sexual intercourse, and as many as ten percent are victims of sexual assault. Other indications for use include contraceptive failures…” the release adds. “[W]hen used within 120 hours after having unprotected or under-protected sex, selected regimens for emergency contraception … are the only contraceptive methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy.”

Some medicinal options cited in the release include Plan B and Next Choice.

The AAP also states that pediatricians should “advocate for better insurance coverage and increased access to emergency contraception for teens, regardless of age.”

The full policy statement regarding emergency contraception – the abstract version of which is presently online – will be made available next month.


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