ASHBURN, Va. (CBSDC) — The Washington Redskins opened their locker room to the media Wednesday morning as they continue to prepare for the New York Giants on Monday night.

The big talk in the locker room today was about the meaningful games the Redskins are playing this late in the season. It’s been a while since Washington was playing for more than pride heading into December.

“It’s a good feeling and it’s a little bit of motivation, especially for a young team like this,” said wide receiver Pierre Garçon. “We know what we can do to keep working hard and what we can achieve.”

Garçon, who has been battling an ailing toe, says he feels healthy and is trying to return to form.

“Getting better, getting better still,” he said while cautioning it was an ongoing process.

Trent Williams, who hurt his thigh by getting kneed in the quad without wearing thigh pads, says he “definitely” will “be out there on the field” for Monday night’s game. He also said he won’t make the same mistake by not wearing thigh pads.

Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin also talked to media via conference call.

Asked what the Giants needed to do to defend Robert Griffin III, Coughlin simply stated “everything.”

“The play-action passes, the running game. . . The straight runs that had nothing to do with anything else were just as effective as the option or the dive option or whatever you want to call it,” he said of their first meeting. “There’s a lot of things for us to have to improve on and defend. The Washington defense shut the run down pretty much and that wasn’t what we intended going in. So, we have a lot of things that have to be improved on.”

Coughlin also talked about how this is a tough match-up for the Giants.

“There’s the advent of the new theory and the new concepts that they play on offense,” said the Super Bowl winning coach. “Defensively it’s never been easy. I wouldn’t expect it to be. These are age-old rivals and there’s an awful lot at stake. The divisional pride that goes along with these games is a very important concept at all.”

Former New York Giant Barry Cofield summed up the game perfectly.

“This is our Super Bowl. This is everything,” he said. “It’s Monday Night Football, we’re the center of the universe, everybody’s watching. We’ve got to win.”


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