HELENA, Mont. (CBSDC) — A Montana newspaper is apologizing for saying that President Barack Obama was “allegedly” born in Hawaii.

A copy editor at the Independent Record added the term “allegedly” to an Associated Press article about the president’s Asia trip. The Herald reports that it was done as a joke.

“Our copy desk made an error in judgment in editing the Sunday 2A Associated Press story about President Obama’s trip to Asia and his place of birth. One of the copy editors inserted the term ‘allegedly’ born in Hawaii in the story thinking the other copy editor would catch it, he didn’t. It was a poor attempt at humor and a poor decision, but was not intended to be printed in the paper. Those responsible have been disciplined,” the Record said in a statement.

A retired AP staffer sent a scathing letter to the editor, slamming the paper for letting something like this happen.

“No respectable news organization gives any credence to that claim anymore, and certainly does not accord it the respectability of ‘allegedly,’” Tom Lackey wrote. “I hope the IR will find out how this editing gaffe occurred and be sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Obama released his long-form birth certificate in April 2011 after a growing birther movement, led by billionaire business mogul Donald Trump, questioned whether the president was really born in Hawaii. Obama’s father is from Kenya and the president lived in Indonesia for several years during childhood.


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