by Chuck Carroll

ASHBURN, Va. (CBSDC) — Sunday’s thorough thumping of the Philadelphia Eagles has given the Washington Redskins a much needed boost and given their fans a glimmer of hope as their faint playoff chances are a step closer to becoming reality.

The 31-6 victory catapulted Robert Griffin III and company out of the basement and into third place in the NFC East, one game behind the Dallas Cowboys whom they face on Thanksgiving. A win on Turkey Day and Washington would move into second setting up a potential Monday night showdown with the New York Giants for the division lead.

While Redskins Nation is being whipped into frenzy over that scenario, there are a number of ‘if’s’ involved and injured defensive end Adam Carriker says it may be a little premature to really push the playoff hype.

“The Redskins looked good. It’s the team I expect to see most of the time, because I work with these guys, I see these guys, I know what they’re capable of doing and I’m very glad,” he said on 4th & Pain, his daily radio show.

And the caution flag for tapering enthusiasm: “Don’t go bonkers just yet. Let’s get a few more wins under our belt, let’s get the other teams to get a few more loses and you never know what can happen.”

Carriker stated during the bye week that it wasn’t time for Washington to throw in the towel. In fact he said their season was “far from over” and Sunday’s win proves they certainly proved that true.

While Carriker is saying now is not the time to get carried away, his words are by no means an indictment on the team’s ability to turn the season around. The former first-round pick says by no means is he trying to be a “downer” and dismiss the Redskins chances to pull off a feat that seemed impossible just 14 days ago.

“I’m looking at it from a player’s point of view. You don’t ever want to get too low no matter how bad it looks, no matter what they’re saying,” said Carriker. “You don’t ever want to get too high no matter how great it looks and if they’re saying nice things about you. You have to take everything with a grain of salt. This truly is a marathon, you just keep plowing away. You enjoy the next two days and get ready for Dallas.”

As for the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, he believes back-to-back division wins may be in order.

“I mean honestly with Dallas, you never know what team is going to show up,” said Carriker. “When I’m playing, I’m like, ‘I don’t know who is going to show up.’ There’s this team that looks like a Super Bowl team. There’s a team that doesn’t.”

Tapered enthusiasm encore: “I wouldn’t even worry about Dallas, to be honest with you, because it’s about which Redskins team that shows up. That’s all that matters.”

And that’s the truth.

4th & Pain with Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll airs each weekday at noon on and Sunday mornings at 8 o’clock on 106.7 The Fan. Follow the show on Twitter: @4thAndPain.


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