tailgate fan1 The Personalities Of Washington Redskins Tailgating Lots
Just like football fans, the Washington Redskins’ FedEx Field parking lots contain a wide variety of personalities. Whether you’re a passionate, long-time supporter of the ‘Skins or an over-enthusiastic newbie in town, FedEx Field has a tailgating lot just for fans like you.

The Die-Hard Fan Lots

If you’ve ever been to a Redskins game, then you know that the lots around the stadium—gold, orange, purple, platinum and green—are reserved for fans with parking permits. While these permits are made available to season ticket holders, Redskins fans may find them available for sale on resale websites like Craigslist or StubHub. These fans are in it for the long haul, especially since the waitlist for Redskins season tickets is rumored to be booked for years to come. Walk around the lots and you’ll find plenty of spirited tailgates, games and camaraderie. The Hogettes, recognized as a group of ultimate Redskins fans who wear dresses, wigs and pig snouts, are rumored to tailgate near Arena Drive. Fans with special needs may also find parking in these lots.

The Laid-Back Lot

For fans who desire a relaxed tailgating atmosphere, head on over to the Gray Lot located off Brightseat, Sherriff and Redskins roads. The permit-only lot is a short walk away from the stadium yet features a bit more space with its grass and gravel surface. Buses and RVs are encouraged to park along the outer perimeter of the lot while everyone else parks in the center. Here you will find laid-back Redskins fans tossing around a football, playing a rousing game of cornhole or firing up the best barbecue this side of the Potomac River. Plenty of season ticket holders and die-hard Redskins fans make the Gray Lot their go-to destination for planning the ultimate tailgating party.

The There’s-Always-Something-New Lot

If you’re unable to get or find a FedEx Field parking permit, then make your way to the four cash lots located around the stadium. These lots, operated by FedEx Field and the nearby Jericho Baptist Church, generally cost between $30 and $45 and feature a wide variety of tailgating fun. Generally, these lots are perfect for Redskins fans who decided to go to a game on a whim, however plenty of regulars party it up in these lots too. Wear your comfiest shoes as these lots are located a considerable distance from the stadium.

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Susan Diranian is a freelance writer living in Ashburn, VA. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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