WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A Taliban official laughed about the sex scandal surrounding former CIA director David Petraeus during an interview with AFP.

According to AFP, the same Taliban official also used some rather harsh terminology to refer to the fallen military figurehead.

“What a bastard!” the unidentified official reportedly exclaimed to AFP. “But all Americans are the same, it’s nothing new.”

The culture under Taliban rule has not historically taken extramarital affairs lightly – between 1996 and 2001, Afghanistan was in fact extremely brutal on adultery.

“From a Pashtun point of view, Petraeus should be shot by relatives from his mistress’ family,” the Taliban official was quoted as saying in his interview. “From a Sharia point of view, he should be stoned to death.”

The anonymous Taliban representative implied that a lack of morality in the United States is partially to blame.

“It’s quite normal for Americans and Western people to behave like this. They live in free sex societies where nobody cares about this sort of thing, so what do you expect?” the Taliban official told AFP.

Petraeus is a four-star general who resigned earlier this month over the affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

Besides the two parties involved in the affair, other high-ranking U.S. officials have been implicated in the scandal, including General John Allen, the current NATO commander in Afghanistan, and FBI agent Frederick Humphries.

The White House has continued to say that they back Allen, and have assured the American people that national security has not been compromised, despite concerns to the contrary.


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