CBS Sports Insider Mike Freeman joined Holden and Danny Thursday morning to talk about the NFC East, the Redskins’ progression, and his article writing on why Eagles are done this year with or without Michael Vick.

Both the Redskins and the Eagles sit at 3-6 heading into their matchup this weekend at FedEx Field. Freeman thinks it’s a close call between the clubs when looking at which team has the best chance to turn things around this season.

“If [Foles] can do okay [the Eagles] got a shot I just like RGIII better,” Freeman said. “I like the personnel on the Redskins better… I would probably pick Washington but it’s close.”

The Eagles come into the game with a lot of injuries on the offensive line, but Freeman also attributes Andy Reid’s stubbornness to the situation for the Eagles’ woes.

“Mike Vick just gets absolutely destroyed… The bottom line is he’s getting hit like no quarterback I’ve ever seen in 20 years of doing this,” Freeman said. “So that to me is a big thing and he has Lesean McCoy and he still under-utilizes him. It’s a really puzzling thing to me.”

Freeman also talked with Holden and Danny about the state of the NFC East. After growing up in Maryland he feels weird seeing the NFC East “fall apart” in a few ways. With the Giants faltering lately, no other team has put themselves in the position to overtake them. Freeman finds it tough to believe in the Cowboys, while he sees the Redskins in rebuilding mode, and the Eagles are “done.”

Freeman attributed the dominance of the NFC East in the past decade to great coaching and personnel players. Good and poor rebuilding decisions are coming to the forefront now, with Freeman giving mention to Jerry Jones operating as the GM of the Cowboys.

“To me, more than anything that’s what’s really hurt this division as compared to others making some really, really horrible personnel choices,” Freeman said.

The Redskins are moving in the right personnel direction in Freeman’s opinion. While Danny agrees with him on this, he pointed out to his guest that it hasn’t materialized into wins on the field. To this, Freeman reassured him, the wins are coming soon.

“If the Redskins keep doing these really smart things, they’ll turn it around it’s just inevitable it’ll happen,” Freeman said. It’s just a matter of when. If Snyder can hold off from being Snyder just a couple more years, this organization can be special.”

While Freeman sees the Redskins’ chances of acquiring talented players improving in the future, the Redskins’ dysfunction in the past will not allow these changes to happen overnight. While he thinks Redskins fans have had to be patient for a while, the team is on the right track now.

Freeman left with his thoughts on who has a better chance of making the playoffs between two Washington based franchises – the Redskins or the Wizards?

“Well, just the odds kind of favor the Wizards [but]… I’ll say the Redskins.”


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