BALTIMORE, Md. (CBS DC) – Less “jelly in the belly” can help people sleep better.

According to a new study from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, losing belly fat enhances the quality of your sleep, AFP reports.

Seventy-seven overweight or obese participants who had type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes enrolled in a six-month program. Researchers then assigned the subjects into two groups: one group was on a weight-loss diet with exercise, while the other group was only on a specific diet.

After completion of the program, both groups lost about 15 pounds and about 15 percent of their belly fat.

The researchers concluded that both groups also showed an improvement with their sleeping habits.

“We found that improvement in sleep quality was significantly associated with overall weight loss, especially belly fat,” senior author Kerry Stewart, professor of medicine and director of clinical and research exercise physiology, told AFP.

“The key ingredient for improved sleep quality from our study was a reduction in overall body fat, and, in particular belly fat, which was true no matter the age or gender of the participants or whether the weight loss came from diet alone or diet plus exercise,” she added.

The results were revealed at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Los Angeles.


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