Redskins’ cornerback Josh Wilson joined the Holden and Danny Show on Tuesday for his weekly Pick-Six Report to recap the 27-12 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Redskins defense struggled to contain Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for much of the game and their frustration boiled over when cornerback DeAngelo Hall was ejected for removing his helmet and arguing with a referee. Wilson was one of the first people to help pull fellow Hall away from the referees, and noted that the situation was more complex than those of us watching at home were aware.

“The referees are not supposed to be on anyone’s side,” Wilson said. “I haven’t experienced a referee getting into it with a player, and I don’t know why it would ever happen.”

Wilson mentioned that while he was trying to pull Hall away from the refs, they followed him, teammate Lorenzo Alexander and Hall as they were attempting to walk away from the situation and attempted to continue the argument.

“It was an emotional, frustrating game, and when you can’t pinpoint exactly how it happened, it’s frustrating and a little thing can turn into a big thing,” said WIlson. “Frustration is never an excuse, but I understand how [Hall] felt.”

The situation with the referees is a bizarre one, but it seemed to be a theme throughout the game.  One referee was caught on camera yelling at Mike Shanahan and telling him to “get back in his box”, which Shanahan promptly did.  However, using the referees as an excuse doesn’t fly, and Wilson acknowledged that.

The Redskins are now sitting at 3-5 after the first eight weeks and have one final game, at home against the Carolina Panthers, before the bye week.  Wilson had a message for the fans of the Redskins for the rest of the season.

“I understand their frustration, and it’s not like we are going out there and don’t care, we are trying to right the ship,”  Wilson said. “We are trying to turn this thing around to become a great defense and to turn this around as a team.”

Despite the offense struggling for the first time this season, a game against the Carolina Panthers and their struggling defense could be what the Redskins need to get back on track.


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