WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – DeAngelo Hall finally faced the music publicly for his game-ejecting actions in the final minutes of the Redskins 27-12 loss to the Steelers, by joining Lavar and Dukes and addressing the referee dispute head-on.

DeAngelo Hall was ejected in the waning minutes of that 4th quarter slobberknocker in Pittsburgh, after confronting a referee for not throwing a flag against Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders – who, in Shanahan’s words: put Hall in a “half-nelson and flipped” him.

Hall wouldn’t discuss his ejection with reporters immediately following the game, citing an impending meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell as reason for his silence. But he did open up to the familiar 106.7 The Fan Hosts, with whom he shares a weekly appearance every Wednesday.

“I thought it was a cheap shot,” Hall said. “I got a lot of respect for the Steelers Organization. The receiver gets in my face and talks trash, I’m asking the ref ‘did you see that?’ ”

“Everyone in the locker room knows me but for me to walk away from that incident. Dude just slammed me. What does it take to get a flag?”

Hall went on to say that he’s changed and matured since his early days in the NFL – that it really takes a lot to get under his skin now, proving just how egregious Sanders’ treatment of him on the field was.

“The receiver went to block me,” Hall said. “I went to block him right back just as hard as him, and then I continued to get the back of my helmet pulled up and DDT-slammed or whatever you want to say.”

To elaborate on how far he’s come in the league, he said if a receiver tried to pull that stunt on the ‘old’ DHall, they both would have gotten thrown out of the game.

“Me and that guy would have been boxing,” Hall said.

As for being labeled a thug by fans watching his reaction on the field, Hall says that’s something he’s dealt with throughout his career, no matter what his on-the-field performance dictates.

“I feel like anybody who meets me and sees me off the football field sees who I really am, and they know me and they respect me as a person and as a man,” Hall said. “As far as people labeling me as a thug or a misfit – I’ve been labeled that since I was 12/13 years old. That really doesn’t bother me.”


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