LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — Convicted D.C. sniper Lee Boy Malvo has levied bombshell claims of sexual abuse and previously undiscovered victims from the deadly killing spree.

Malvo says John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind behind the 2002 attacks that killed 10 people and wounded three others, began abusing him shortly before he turned 15. The alleged abuse would continue until the pair were arrested.

“I felt a sense of shame, and I just said, ‘That’s just something that I’d never tell anyone,’” Malvo said in an exclusive interview with TODAY Show host Matt Lauer. “And to a certain extent, up until that point, I really couldn’t handle it.”

Muhammad was executed in 2009.

“The main reason I’m coming forward now is because I am more mature,” Malvo said. “As far as the guilt that I carried around for several years, I dealt with that to a large extent for years. And now, I can handle this.”

Malvo will remain incarcerated for the remainder of his life for his role in the murders. He is currently housed in a prison in southwest Va.

“In here, there’s no therapy,” he said. “Rehabilitation is just a word. In solitary confinement, in a cell by yourself, I am priest, doctor, therapist. So, it just worked out that I just took it off piece by piece.”

Malvo, now 27, says he has contacted the families of five of the unidentified victims in multiple states.

He says he stopped reaching out because he could not psychologically handle it.

Malvo’s entire TODAY Show interview will air Thursday morning.


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