WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Another pop music video making light of the presidential election is sweeping across YouTube. And this time – it’s about Mitt Romney.

Sitting at only around 10,000 views and a few different versions of the video, “I’m a Romney Girl” makes light of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s vast wealth.

It is set to the same tune as the song “Barbie Girl” by the Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group Aqua. That was a hit released in May 1997 as their third single overall, and the first United Kingdom release. The song is included on the album Aquarium. However, this song’s lyrics take a swipe at Romney’s financial excesses.

The lyrics open in reference to Romney’s recent tax pressures: “I’m a Romney girl/ in a Romney world/Life is tax less/ It’s fantastic/Silver tip your hair/ tax shelters everywhere/Outsource nation/ Bain is his creation.”

Romney is played by an anonymous white male and the “Miss” character is in reference to a blond woman named, “Miss Swiss Bank Account.” Both go back and forth in reference to Romney’s alleged overseas tax breaks.

“He’s a boss, millionaire, with accounts everywhere/Won’t disclose, all the dough, that he’s banking,” and Romney replies, “You can’t see, Ann agrees, we hate transparency/If you knew, we’d be screwed, spanky-spanky.”

The chorus of the song is simply, “I’m Mitt Romney, let’s go party.”


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